As Promised

Well, it’s the Friday of promises. I have a small text pad of what I plan on writing. None of it is set in stone and things will be added/removed based on current events. I was planning on posting a rant on the current state of the video game industry earlier this week (and I still plan on posting it) but around 500 words in I really needed to collect my thoughts. I don’t want to keep the rant going for too long, but I also don’t want to half ass this post. Expect it to be a longer one than usual and expect it to come sometime before the weekend is over (Before 10/29/17).

The basic gist of my plans for posting is at least twice a week. That leaves 8-10 posts a month. This does not include current events. So, expect a post coming this weekend, and possibly another post if I decide on a good topic. Also, I’m hoping I can find a new logo designer before the month of November is over. I’ll keep you all updated on that as it comes.

As for Lost Memories (Yes, I’ve been doing some stuff on it), I’ve come up with a couple of new faces that are willing to help me. I believe that they can help put together a solid story for the 7 year old project. We’ll be meeting once a week. So far our main priority is to recreate the characters and the basis for the story since everything was lost on the Great Website Wipe of 2017 (Yes, I will keep calling it this). However, for now don’t expect too much on the subject.

Also, Expect a PC vs Console post sometime very soon. I can tell you now it may be a bit biased towards PC however, I will also be showing the console side on a good note. It will be more of a which one should I buy. I own PC, Xbox One, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch and I’ve played them all a good amount. More info on this when the post comes out this week.


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