Overwatch: The One Trick Pony

Ho-ly shit. So, I’ve just found out that it is now a bannable offense to one trick in Overwatch. For those of you who don’t know: One tricking is where a person only plays a lot of one character. It doesn’t matter who you are or how good you’re doing, if you’re a grand master Torbjorn and you only play Torb but you get like a 70% win rate or something, you’ll get banned. Why this is, I don’t know. I understand that Overwatch can be a competitive game and I understand that it’s common place to know how to play more than one character, but there are some people that are just good at what they do or just can’t play other characters well.

Overwatch has been going downhill recently. I get it, Jeff, you want to have a fun environment where no one is toxic to each other. However, you’re killing the game for non-toxic players as well. I’m a Reaper main. I play a shit ton of Reaper. Does that mean that I have the chance to get banned as well? Sure, I might not be a grand master, but, I’d like to think I’m pretty damn good at him. Blizzard needs to reevaluate how they treat their players. Keep in mind, the players gave you their money. Like I wrote in my previous rant: The players are in charge.

But I’m blaming Blizzard a bit too much. Most of this from what I’ve read is from angry “competitive” players taking the game too seriously! Something that people forget is that video games are meant for your enjoyment. I used to play in tournaments. I made a nice chunk of change from them too, so, I understand that some people make money from them. However, I’ve spoken to other professional gamers and they tell me that they use video games to unwind! So if they can stay calm and enjoy the game, then the competitive gamers that DON’T get paid shouldn’t freak out either. Honestly, fuck you guys. If I wan’t to play Torb or Bastion, then I will. I’ll keep playing Reaper till my fingers fall off. And people should do this. We need to stop this kind of toxic behavior. Play the game. Have fun. That’s the point of video games.

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