Hey, I’m a new guy.

Hello internet surfers, travelers and explorers. You can call me Nick. I’ve been invited by the creator of this online domain to speak with you about whatever pleases me. I hope you will be entertained.

So let’s talk about me first because you know nothing. I am a short north american male with twenty years of age, with a wide variety of interests. I hit up the gym on an inconsistent non-routineĀ  but with great enthusiasm. I enjoy learning things not because I have to, but because knowing things is greater than not knowing them. Except history, because history books are way too long. I’m a man of science, math and humanity.

I’m also a man of adventure. In fact just four days ago, I jumped out of a moving airplane, 10,000 feet into the sky. I have an associates degree in Radio and Television production and watch plenty of YouTube. I also enjoy watching anime.

If I encounter any extra meaningful thoughts or adventures that casually seem worth a blog post then there is some chance I may put aside my occasional nihilistic tendencies and actually write about them here. So maybe check in like… once a month, or something. Who knows. Maybe you’ll like, learn.. or something.

Ok. Bye.