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Overwatch: The One Trick Pony

Ho-ly shit. So, I’ve just found out that it is now a bannable offense to one trick in Overwatch. For those of you who don’t know: One tricking is where a person only plays a lot of one character. It doesn’t matter who you are or how good you’re doing, if you’re a grand master Torbjorn and you only play Torb but you get like a 70% win rate or something, you’ll get banned. Why this is, I don’t know. I understand that Overwatch can be a competitive game and I understand that it’s common place to know how to play more than one character, but there are some people that are just good at what they do or just can’t play other characters well.

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Rant: The Video Game Industry

This is something that has been a long time coming. There was a point in time where I thought I didn’t even need to post this, but it’s slowly creeping back up again. When it comes to the video game industry, I’ve been losing more and more hope for it. A lot of companies have forgotten what it means to make a video game. I guess this’ll tie in with the EA and Visceral Games post I was planning on making as well as a Bethesda rant I had planned.

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As Promised

Well, it’s the Friday of promises. I have a small text pad of what I plan on writing. None of it is set in stone and things will be added/removed based on current events. I was planning on posting a rant on the current state of the video game industry earlier this week (and I still plan on posting it) but around 500 words in I really needed to collect my thoughts. I don’t want to keep the rant going for too long, but I also don’t want to half ass this post. Expect it to be a longer one than usual and expect it to come sometime before the weekend is over (Before 10/29/17).

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Rant: Life

So, I might as well start with one of my famous rants. Mainly what I’ve been up to, what’s the fate of the website and what I’ll be focusing on as my topic of interest for the next however long. After the website went down 8 months ago I got a small amount of email from a couple of you wondering if I’d ever come back. I told you all something along the lines of this: I always plan on coming back. is always going to be a special project for me, just like Lost Memories. Even if I don’t ever get it off the ground, it’ll always be something I enjoy working on. Continue reading Rant: Life

I’m Back, Baby!

Hey, everybody, as some of you might have been aware, had gone down for a solid 8 months. Wowsers, what’s been going on with that, am I right? But, now I’m back in a bigger and better way! I’ll do my best to bring you top quality entertainment! I mean, who else is going to tell you about the latest in Nintendo marketing screw ups or that Sony has been hacked… Again (Still love you guys). Continue reading I’m Back, Baby!